Where can you eat "yummy sushi" with a "good price" in Noboribetsu??

Hokkaido Walker introduces my sushi restaurant, Kiyozushi,  as a part of feature article about "yummy sushi with good price" in central Hokkaido area in November edition! Arigato!

Kiyozushi is a small and old restraurant run by a small family of me. We're quite stubborn about sticking with Hokkaido local seafood when we can get anything from everywhere in the world. Dad participates the auction at a local wholesale market and carefully selects seafood for his sushi.

If you wish to try some good local seafood with a reasonable price, you're required to travel a bit from Noboribetsu Onsen area. Believe me, it is worth doing a 15 minutes trip to the other side of Noboribetsu for some sushi! The best value is a 2,500 yen "Banshaku" set (evening dinner & drink set menu), which offers a set of sushi, a plate of seasonal fresh sashimi, a small plate of seasonal homemade dish, and 2 drinks (choose from beer jug and sake).

Wanna know how to get there?
Ask Noboribetsu Gateway Center at Noboribetsu Onsen Bus Terminal (0143-84-2200)

(Tel&Fax: 0143-85-4545)
2-12-2 Chuo-cho, Noboribetsu HOKKAIDO


Noboribetsu in color #2 (actually...on FIRE!!!)

Today was definately the best day to bright your eyes with autumn leaves ("momiji") in Noboribetsu.
No word can decribe the true beauty of nature's work......

"Kuma Yama" ("Bear Mountain" where our famous Bear Park sits on) changes the color dramaticaly only in 5 days!
Click and enlarge the size of the image for a better look.


Not alone on wheels

Just wanna share what I found...Somebody has got a wacky sense of humour lol


Noboribetsu in color #1

Overlooking "Oyunuma Lake" (Hot Spring Lake) on 3 October

Time flies! Can't believe it's already October. Where did summer go?!
This weekend I drove up to the outlook to check out "Oyunuma Lake" and found that leaves start changing colors! Will be more bright in a week or so. Stay tuned!