Fresh fish is here!

Noboribetsu is fortunately located along the rich fish source area. 
Fresh local fish is sold at a local fish market with a generous price. If you are a tourist and want to buy Hokkaido fresh fish, don't look elsewhere.

The photo is my favorite fish shop, "Kawashima Fish"san. The shop has been operated for a several decades and been loved by local customers. 

A friendly owner always offers the best of best. Scallops and calamari freshly out of the local sea are still alive and wiggle a bit. Crabs are picked in the morning and boiled to be a bright red. There are all sorts of local seafood which makes it hard to choose!

Kawashima san makes great sashimi on the spot too.
If you are very picky about what you eat, try some!
No chair, no table, but it is just fun to pick your fish and watch them slice it to make sashimi for you. Oh, but the best part is to eat them there!

If you want to sit down and eat some descent sushi and sashimi, please go check:  http://noboribetsu-onsen.blogspot.com/2009/10/where-can-you-eat-yummy-sushi-with-good.html

for more information, email to contact@noboribetsu.co.jp


Snowshoe walking in Noboribetsu

Winter is coming to Noboribetsu. This winter has been surprisingly warm, however, the clear blue sky tells us that it will catch up soon....Walking on highly piled up snow is something you don't want to miss when you visit Hokkaido in winter. Snowshoes give you extra pleasure to smoothly walk on snow without burying legs.

Come for the beautiful morning walk. It surely is the once-in-life experience! 

English brochure is now printing.

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telephone: 0143-84-2200