Time travel to "Samurai" era

the door to Samurai era

Noboribetsu is not only for "Onsen" (hot spring). Noboribetsu Date Jidai Mura (English nickname is "Ninja House".) displays the life style at the Samurai period when our Samurai pioneer, Katakura Kojuro lived. I am back since I last visited 2 years ago today to meet my favorite Samurais.

At the entrance, a friendly Samurai, Jinbei-san, welcomes you with his great sense of humor, yet warns you what he is meant to do if you misbehave. he goes, "hey kid, if you misbehave, I will cut you off with my sharp sword, get it?" If it is not him, parents would freak out and call the police :)
But you cannot dislike Jinbei-san's unique way of welcoming visitors. Or he would really take out his sword?? hmmm....Joke aside, he is an adorable Samurai.

The whole place is 100% entertaining. All the stuff with kimono on speaks like the people from Samurai era and always aim to provide you a great time. Well-trained Ninja actors' shows are something you don't want to miss. There is no time to blink your eyes...

My favorite show was the outside Ninja action show (see the photo below). It was much better than watching a 3D action movie with a wide screen! Realistic sensation got me goose bumps with excitement!

This park is definately a must-see spot! Highly recommended!

Please note that foreign visitors are eligible for a discounted 2 parks ticket. (Please see my blog about the ticket -> http://noboribetsu-onsen.blogspot.com/2010/07/great-deal-for-fun-in-noboribetsu.html )
Ninja action close to your eyes 

"Oiran"(Yoshiwara's courtesan) on parade


Salmon's back to Noboribetsu rivers!

The season has come! Noboribetsu warm-welcome chum salmons home at the moment.
Chum salmons are amazing fish, growing in fresh water during the early stage, spend in salt water to mature, then come back to fresh water for reproduction. Approx. 3000 and 3500 eggs from each mother salmon, however, only 2 or 3 make it home in 3 to 6 years.

Salmon is considered expensive fish elsewhere. In Hokkaido it is just an everyday fish.
Salt and grill, BBQ in sweet miso paste, in hot pot....all sorts of way to prepare yummy meal.
Salted salmon roe is tourists' dream...uh huh, when it's fresh, it is like eating orange pearls..yum yum..

Today my friendly guests from Singapore and I went to check if they have arrived.
Here's the photo. They are just entering from the Pacific Ocean toward our local river which is their home river. Salmon never fail to return to the right one. Such a wonder how they can make it after a long long journey.
where sea meets river

Way to go,,Salmon! Swim up and survive!

Noboribetsu has been experiencing unusual hot weather this summer and that worn us out totally. However, our fellow chum salmons seem to still hold their energy and stay strong because their journey hasn't finished yet. The hardest part is after this. They have to swim up against the current to upstream to accomplish the life mission. 

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