Soup Curry with the ocean view

All the visitors praise how good Hokkaido foods tastes.

"Soup Curry" is the newest icon of Hokkaido dish. The principal is to use the fresh ingredients and to be able to taste the ingredients themselves.

Just 10 min. drive away from Noboribetsu Train Station, you can enjoy the soup looking over the great view of wild Pacific Ocean.
Ask the hot expert more about "Soup Curry" at Noboribetsu Gateway Center (0143-84-2200)


What a feast!

Hokkaido is the Kingdom of dairy products in Japan.

Here is my favorite custard creamy pudding only available in Noboribetsu.

"Gochiso Purin" (Feast Pudding??) is the name and can be found at selective shops around my local.

The rich creamy custard melts into your mouth and caramel source down the bottom of the jar accentuates the aroma of vanilla.

If you try a jar, you must have another....

Cannot find a shop to buy?

Come ask me at Noboribetsu Gateway Center.


Fill up your hungry tummy

I must admit that I am a big eater even though in Japan girls shouldn't. This eating joint located just outside of the local fresh whole market is not the place for a romantic date but great for a hungry tummy.

I still have a great memory from my childhood that my dad sometimes took me with him for brekky after bidding to get the best fish for his business. It was such a treat for a young girl because the place was always crowded and noisy with full of adults with a huge appetite.

Good that I was starving then. From mackerel to salmon, there are different kind of grilled or deep-fried fish to choose from.

Guess how much I paid for this big meal?

Answer is only 650 yen. Quite reasonable and satisfying as well...

No guide book mentions the area, however, the place is for a traveller who wishes to experience local homey-style meal.

"Machida" at Muroran Whole Fresh Market.
Need a guide to take you there?
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Hell Valley and Fire Works in Summer

Nobody leaves Noboribetsu without seeing "Hell Valley". In 2008, Noboribetsu celebrated its 150th Anniversary since it was founded by Kinzo Takimoto. Hell Valley is the icon of Noboribetsu Hot Spring and visitors are amazed to see the smokes and different colors of minerals, and experience the strong sulfur smell....

"Tessen Pond" entertains visitors to show the earth making action approx. every 15 min.

Also if you find halls along the pathway, try to put your hand in there.(See the photo on the left) You can feel the warmth of the earth body temperature (be careful, sometimes it is very hot!)

Since Hell Valley itself is still an active volcano, the smoking spots, the color of the hot spring creeks, temperatures, are different everyday. Also it's probably unique to Noboribetsu that there are 9 different types of hot spring minerals in one spot.

I like to go see Hell Valley because I can enjoy feeling that the earth is alive and kicking.

And it is never be the same. Everytime I go, I discover something new. A milky sulfer hot spring creek meets a red iron creek and blends in to make larger creek...it's a nature wonderland.

"Oni-Hanabi" on fire!
During the summer time (between June and August), we have fireworks on Thursday and Friday, "Oni Hanabi". "Oni" is ogre and "Hanabi" is fireworks. Fireworks are not designer's artwork but it is wild and matches the ambiance of the Hell Vally. Wanna see something different? Then make sure to come and stay in Noboribetsu on either Thursday or Friday in the summer time. After it finishes, you can also take photos with your favorite (?) "Oni" (Ogre).

Have an exotic hot night in Noboribetsu.....

MYO Hokkaido's favorite sweets

Everybody knows that the quality of hot spring in Noboribetsu is the BEST. No doubt... However, how many knows that the quality of milk Noboribetsu produces is also the top grade?

You can prove that it is true by making your own "Nama Caramel" (probably "fresh cream caramel" would be an appropriate translation) with Noboribetsu Milk.

"Nama Caramel" has become everybody's favorite yet hard to get Hokkaido sweets. The most popular brand is always sold out while you blink your eyes. Their marketing strategy has been extremely successful.

But isn't it over the top? Don't ya wanna something different and unique?

I really need to brag (again!) about how yummy our "Nama Caramel" is!

What are the tips?
Because I am an excellent chef?.... Maybe.
Because the ingredient we use is the top grade?....that's definitely the reason!

This MYO (Make Your Own) program is 1,500yen per person and it is a great value.

It takes approx. 1 hour. Fun to make and you can take it home with you. Super great souvenir!
Wanna have fun yourself too?
Book at Noboribetsu Gateway Center (phone: 0143-84-2200)

It'd be an awesome experience!!