Steel Museum on the move

I always drive my shabby Toyota. But when I have a chance to catch a local train, I realise how much I love the design of many small parts or areas in the old train. Sharp, cold, precise, organised....I find this old fashioned style very beautiful.

There is an distinctive smell in the train, probably the old ciggy smell from the time when smoking was acceptable...ahhh, good and old time when majority of adult was puffing away....it was a part of the train travel when I was a kid.

Join me to sit down on the blue velvet like seat and take a short trip  around the local for the "rediscovery". Yes, you can find yourself too....I do.


Time travel around Noboribetsu station area??

Many visitors may hop on a bus from Noboribesu station for hot spring, but mind you it is worthwhile to stroll on the main street in front of the station for 10 minutes. Don't expect to find fancy stuff, however, there are some that would make you feel somewhat nostalgia. If you love a nice Japanese sweet, try "Kato" san. The presentation is very subtle but I can assure you the quality.