Favorite Lunch-time Hang-outs

"Kuma san" is the name of this place, locating on the road to Noboribetsu Onsen, approx. 7min. drive away.  I always thought negatively that the place is nothing but a low-grade joint trying to attract tourists who are too hungry to eat anything.  My mate, Abe-chan and I decided to be brave to pay a visit. Because we're sort of bored with all those place we regularly go eat lunch and needed something new. With too many signs in front, we were quite suspicious as well as curious, however, no expectation....... 
The place sellls all sorts of second hand stuff and there is a small space for eating. Whilst waiting for our order, it is fun to walk around in a shop and look at old fashioned items such  as old music records and magazines. All those gadgets are quite a taste and are neatly displayed and makes me feel that I am in a candy store and have too many to choose from.

I truly love to be in this place with so many bric-a-bracs surrounding me :)
Here's my lunch, curry with rice. Not bad at all for 500yen.
Strongly recommended for curry lovers!
Also had my afternoon tea :P
Had a really nice herb tea with a yummy sweet potato.

This big guy hangs around and entertains you if you need a company........

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