Handsome Suit

The time has come. After a long old winter, Noboribetsu invites hot exciting nights."Oni-hanabi" (Ogre's firework) at Hell Valley has begun.

This year is very special. Because our lovely Yama-chan debuts his "oni" performance on Friday, 4 June.
You wouldn't believe how much he has trained to be a professional "Oni".
Many audience instantly fell in love with him, and I don't blame them. Coz' he looked soooo hot!

After the performance, I was almost stunned to see how popular Yama-chan with "Oni" suit on was!!
Everyone was fighting with each other just trying to get Yama-chan in their photos!!

I was accompanied with my dear mate, Izu-chan. We both eyewitnessed the real of Yama-chan that night.
He was truly cool looking dude and was surrounded by all those pretty girls. He could be a man of the dream, if you know what I mean...he he he

Wanna see Yama-chan too? Come see "Oni-hanabi" on Thursdays or Fridays in Summertime.

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