A Record Earthquake - need your support!!

Please keep your fingers crossed for all in Japan. 
Japan has lost far too many precious lives. We don't know when and how it will stop. Or will it ever stop?
We are all in God's hand, so please pray for us. 

Noboribetsu has been extremely fortunate only to have had rather small shakes and to have avoided tsunami so far. However timetable for train and bus hasn't been back to normal, so if you're in Noboribetsu and have lost your way, visit our counter in bus terminal or contact me via email (noboribetsu.gateway@gmail.com). Our staff will aim for the best to help you.

All the wishes for everyone including me!


  1. Glad to hear Noboibetsu is ok, I have a friend there. Hope she is ok.
    Pam from New Zealand.

  2. Hi Pam,
    Thanks for your kind comment. Noboribetsu has been very peaceful and I bet your friend is safe and well here. New Zealand and Japan are on the same ship and I hope we continue to support each other!All the best for the recovery of beautiful Christchurch!!