Noboribetsu is full of pink right now!

A perfect flower for my first blog!

After "loooo~ng" cold winter, yes! Noboribetsu's "sakura"(cherry blossom) is at its best right now!

This is just like a nice treat for us to survive through the winter here!

The lovesome and dainty pink color cuddles and makes you feel warm when you feel down. However, this fragile flower lasts just a week only if no rain or wind....

On the way up from Noboribetsu JR Station to Noboribetsu Onsen (Hot Spring) area, sakura trees line up along the side of the road for a few kilometers. This "Aka oni" (Red Ogre) stands tall and strong to welcome you into Noboribetsu Onsen Area and today this guy looks very happy with a sakura tree blooming for him.

Driving through the beautiful tunnel of sakura is absolute pleasure!
Today I have met quite a few excited people who said that sakura in Noboribetsu is the best!

I suppose our sakura is not displayed flashy like other gigantic tourist sights but is for you if prefer seeing sakura trees with rather subtle setting. If you miss this spring, do come next year!

Any information or guide required? Please contact us at "Noboribetsu Gateway Center" located inside of "Donan Bus" terminal in Noboribetsu Onsen.

Phone: 0143-84-2200 email: gwc-noboribetsu@hotmail.co.jp

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