Spa Triathlon @ Noboribetsu on 21st June!

"What the heck is Spa Triathlon?" was my question when I first read the column about marketing the event in the newspaper last year. Back then I was still with my former employment which is located overseas and had no idea what my hometown was up to.

Well, since I now pretend to be "Noboribetsu expert" (yeah, I must admit I am still in a learning phase...), let me explain what "Spa Triathlon" is all about......

Spa Triathlon is the sport competition event with the combination of "Spa" (hot spring) and "Triathlon". One of the venues in 2009 is my hometown, Noboribetsu!
With the strict rule, the participants MUST wear "Yukata" (a cotton kimono). How cool!!!

According to their Japanese promotion website (http://www.spatra.jp/) , the event is not only about promoting well-being but also promoting the local character and sharing the excitement of achievement. The course actually covers the highlight of Noboribetsu Onsen area.
Wanna participate? Email to info@spatra.jp

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