MYO Hokkaido's favorite sweets

Everybody knows that the quality of hot spring in Noboribetsu is the BEST. No doubt... However, how many knows that the quality of milk Noboribetsu produces is also the top grade?

You can prove that it is true by making your own "Nama Caramel" (probably "fresh cream caramel" would be an appropriate translation) with Noboribetsu Milk.

"Nama Caramel" has become everybody's favorite yet hard to get Hokkaido sweets. The most popular brand is always sold out while you blink your eyes. Their marketing strategy has been extremely successful.

But isn't it over the top? Don't ya wanna something different and unique?

I really need to brag (again!) about how yummy our "Nama Caramel" is!

What are the tips?
Because I am an excellent chef?.... Maybe.
Because the ingredient we use is the top grade?....that's definitely the reason!

This MYO (Make Your Own) program is 1,500yen per person and it is a great value.

It takes approx. 1 hour. Fun to make and you can take it home with you. Super great souvenir!
Wanna have fun yourself too?
Book at Noboribetsu Gateway Center (phone: 0143-84-2200)

It'd be an awesome experience!!

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